Gadani Information for Demolition of SHIPS

Gadani is located about 100 KM by road from Karachi in a different province namely Baluchistan.

Subject to agreement between Buyers and Sellers and prevailing weather conditions, Ships either call Karachi Outer Anchorage then move to Gadani after completion of preliminary inspection by Buyer’s representatives or directly call Gadani Anchorage in which case they should anchor at a position around Latitude 25 Deg 05 Min North, Longitude 066 Deg 37 Min East or 4 miles of south west Gadani hill.

There is no Immigration staff posted at Gadani so all the relevant formalities are to be completed with Karachi Port Immigration.

Draft required for beaching is “lightship draft ". However Ship’s Master should discuss same with the Beaching Master who boards the vessel along with Buyers’ during preliminary inspection.

At Gadani, there are no restrictions on beaching days and Ships normally beached on about 20 days in a month subject to the buyer’s requirement if any for light draft, only those days are avoided when tides are very low or in minus.

For Tidal timings at Gadani 35 minutes are to be subtracted from Karachi Tidal Times.

For detailed information please send your queries to: [email protected]